The Konica C35 was manufactured starting in 1968 and has the Hexanon 38mm 1:2.8 lens. Fully Auto metering system. It came in chrome and black finish. I have a chrome version but it is somewhat of a hacked thing with wrong focus knob on the focus ring, CDS cell that's finicky and non-stock leatherette. I think the black version looked great and I have been looking for one but they usually fetch a higher price.

I finally found one in good condition that I could afford ($7 on the bay) It was being sold as-is as a parts camera. I removed an ugly chrome finish and mighty beat up, ring on the front of the lens that the previous owner put on. It took me a while to figure it didn't even belong, but it was a blessing in disguise. Underneath was a nice clean stock filter ring that had been protected for years by the ring. It immediately reminded me of pulling up the old carpet and finding a beautiful hard wood floor underneath.

It is in beautiful shape over all, just some chipping finish in the bottom plate, no scratches or nicks on top. That chrome ring had me worried at first because it protruded inward, making it impossible to remove the split-ring in the filter ring to replace the meter wiring. It just slipped off.



I had to re-wire the battery-to-meter as it was all corroded. I had to clean the rangefinder optics and the infinity was way off. I also replaced the light seals which is a real chore for this camera.

Here is a sample photo from this camera

Manual: Konica C35 Manual

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