With a face only a mother could love, my Kodak 35 RF is from 1945 and is my oldest camera. It came from a yard sale and still had film in it. It has the Kodak Anastigmat Special 50mm 1:3.5 lens, an unusual black rangefinder housing and black metal knobs. It is almost exactly like their former Kodak 35 without the rangefinder. Due to the successful sales of the Argus rangefinders, Kodak Hastily came up with this "add-on" to boost sales.

When I was doing a repair I had the top plate removed. It seemed rather cheaply manufactured. There are two mirrors on the top with a simple arm controlling one mirror as the arm inside the front protrusion is activated while turning the lens to focus. Probably to be competitive and make a profit is the reason for the stamped metal parts. It does sport a great lens though and the Bakelite body is in great condition too.


The main mirror had fallen off up in the top of the camera. I took off the top plate and glued the mirror back on and cleaned the rest of the optics and adjusted the infinity on the rangefinder. I also cleaned and lubed the film sprocket gears. I cleaned the exterior.


Here is an online owners manual

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