This is the FED 3 (style a, type 3) rangefinder camera built in the USSR in 1963. Style "a" because of it's tiered top plate and Type 3 because of it being the first to have the Russian and english font "FED" on the front of the top plate, and the serial number indicates so. There are many different sites about the FED 3 and some will tell you it's a type 1 or just a 3(a) but this, the Ukrainian Rangefinder site gives all the FED 3 types and styles according to many minor differences and also by serial number. It is a so-called "Leica copy" but honestly, in doesn't resemble any Leica I've seen. The FED 1 does however resemble the Leica III series.

It was nicely painted black by a previous owner and it's near impossible to tell that it's not a factory finish. It has it's stock Industar 26-M 52mm 1:2.8 lens that has proven to be very sharp and reliable. This camera is a pleasure to use, very comfortable in the hand, balanced and gives that cool shutter sound. Only vertical shooting is a bit of a challenge with the focus ring where it is and the protruding shutter speed select knob being clumsy at first, trying to avoid having your finger limped it's rotation as you release the shutter.



No fixes so far, I am in the process of giving it a CLA as the first test roll showed intermittent shutter fowling. I'll post an update and images of the CLA.

Photo taken before CLA

MANUAL: Fed 3 Owners Manual


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