Nice little twin reflex camera I picked up at a yard sale for $8. The Duaflex series came in four models, I, II, III, IV. beginning in 1947 through 1960. This model was from 1955-1960. All made of Bakelite and metal and use 620 roll film. It was a little rough but a simple cleaning and is looks great.

I saw it and was just going to clean it up and stick it on a shelf in my collection but as I was searching the internet for info on it, I found it is the favorite camera of a group of people who shoot pictures using the "TtV" method, or Through the Viewfinder. (TtV) You take an old TLR camera, and you shoot a picture with another camera looking down through the viewfinder. There seems to be a cult following for this little camera because of it's crystal clear viewfinder vs. a frosted glass with guide lines. Although most of the info I've found is 2-4 years old, there are some newer Flicker pages and blogs about the subject.

The method of choice is to construct a 'contraption', a tube or box that shields reflecting light from the viewfinder and taking lens, this also helps steady the taking camera. The results are a square-ish, vignette slightly distorted image. Some people "refuse" to clean the older cameras optics, adding to it's charm and image results. I'm now thinking it's not going to just sit on a shelf.


Very easy fix thanks to jstancel on Flicker, just the four screws on top under the folding shade guard and three screws on the bottom at the hinge.

MANUAL: Kodak Duaflex IV owners manual


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