Nice little camera I got at a yard sale for $4 after rummaging around in a box of 'instamatics' and '90s plastic cameras. It was filthy but in near mint condition none the less. Made as a consumer model after the success of the more expensive and professional QL17 in 1971-1976. It's a cute little thing, 1 full inch narrower and ¼ " shorter than the QL17, but it is built like a tank. Being mostly all metal except for the aperture/Auto select ring on the lens, it still has some weight to it.

It has a fixed Canon 40mm 1:2.8 lens and is fully automatic exposure. The manual aperture settings are for a non Canonlite D flash only. The Canonlite D flash is fully synced to the camera via the special Hot Shoe, integrating the Auto exposure settings.


I removed the top plate and cleaned the rangefinder optics and looked at the ingenious meter system and how it "locks" the shutter when the light isn't good. The light seals in the film door were a huge pain, it uses the wider foam strips on the door itself and I used cotton crochet yarn in the grooves. Meguiar's Leather Foam went on the leatherette. No electronics needed fixing!

Here is a test shot from this camera

MANUAL: Canon Canonet 28 owners manual

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