Wimer Bridge
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Wimer was my favorite bridge so far. It had charm and cars were allowed to drive on it. There is a neat little town right on the other side. We parked right over the bridge across from the store. There is an interesting totem pole and other carved features next to our parking spot. I loved the view of the bridge from about 2-3 hundred yards east of town on East Evans Creek road.

Wimer bridge was of a Queen post design with flying buttress supports. It is disputed over it's date, official records put it as being replaced in 1927, the locals claim 1892. (Key word "replaced")

Update - 07/18/03: On Sunday 07/06/03, the Wimer Bridge sadly collapsed into Evans Creek due to apparent structure failure.

Update - 10/22/07 Progress is being made towards a rebuilt covered bridge!

Update - 07/07/2008 Great news, see this article about the ceremony, the Bridge is rebuilt!

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Wimer bridge This is my favorite picture with my son Chris standing next to the totem pole.
Wimer bridge View facing west from the gas station/store. The date placard can be seen showing 1892.
Wimer bridge My other favorite shot. This is taken from below in a small park-like area. You can go underneath this bridge to see it's massive timber structure.
Wimer bridge Another view facing east. You can see the town through the bridge. A gas station/store is just to the right after crossing the bridge.
Wimer bridge
Here is another angle facing east.
Wimer bridge  Here is my only other shot facing west. It was taken standing to the left of the totem pole.

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