McKee Bridge
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McKee Bridge was built in 1917. It is Oregon’s southernmost span, only eight miles from the California border. It served until 1956. The land for the site was donated by rancher Adelbert “Deb” McKee, whose home had also served as a stage station.

The 122 ft. span is 45 ft. above the Applegate River. It is supported by a Howe truss and is stiffened with flying buttresses. A scenic park, built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930’s, is adjacent to the bridge.

To get there, go through Jacksonville on highway 238 to Ruch Oregon. Turn left onto Applegate Road, following the Applegate Dam signs to the wayside of McKee Bridge. There is a small quaint restaurant with great food too!

  • UPDATE 11/02/2011: McKee Bridge closed to pedestrians until further notice because of structural integrity.
  • UPDATE 8/28/12: McKee Bridge recieves Grant for repairs.

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McKee Bridge Mckee bridge has been remodeled by local volunteers and has a fresh cedar look to it. Pictures of a renovation project hang inside the structure.
McKee Bridge
Another view of the front looking from the parking area .
McKee Bridge Inside this bridge seems massive! Very tall structure with heavy timbers and planking. There are boards inside to write your name on .."Joe was here" instead of whittling it into the structure.
McKee Bridge There are some interesting views from the river up to the bridge. There are some irrigation canals too that offer a "Vermont atmosphere" , with cascading falls beneath the structure
McKee Bridge This is the far side of the bridge. The old road is accessible from either end about a mile to either side of the McKee wayside, and numerous houses line the river bank. There is a house right next to the bridge on this side of the river with nice landscaping down to the old road.
McKee Bridge There are windows on the west side of the bridge offering great views of the surrounding area. The park that adjoins the bridge wayside is behind you as you look out the windows.

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