Grave Creek Bridge
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Grave Creek bridge, 105 feet long with a Howe truss support, was built in 1920 on what was once the main north-south highway through the beautiful "Sunny Valley" north of Grants Pass. After completion of I-5, this road served only local traffic.

The bridge was slated for destruction and road crews were going to replace it with a concrete structure but after local outcry, it was restored and opened to traffic in February 2001. It has concrete approach ramps and heavy steel reinforcements throughout the wooden structure.

Grave Creek Bridge can easily be found by driving north of Grants Pass to "Sunny Valley" exit. The bridge can be seen from I-5.

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Grave Creek Bridge I was impressed by the workmanship on the reconstructed concrete approach ramps. The forms for the concrete were made of rough wood so when they were removed, the "wood grain" stayed intact, giving the impression of original wooden approaches.
Grave Creek Bridge
This bridge has windows on either side, offering great views down to the creek below
Grave Creek Bridge
This bridge certainly offers an elegant approach.
Grave Creek Bridge This inside shot shows the Howe truss design and the generous light supplied by the large windows.
Grave Creek Bridge This is my favorite view, from the north with the road angled slightly and a shorter approach ramp.

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